Control Remote Devices

remote devices diagram Using the remote control relays with in the client software, you can connect to the dvr9K via a PC or laptop and switch up to 4 devices on or off. When used with IP cameras, the dvr9K can trigger a relay for each one - up to a total of 16!

These relays can control lights, sounders, gates, bell boxes or other suitable devices to detect intruders or give access to bona fide visitors.

For example, you may see an intruder on site and want to warn them off by triggering a sounder from the comfort of your office or even from your home miles away.

Alarm Signals over IP

On IP cameras the trigger is sent to the DVR over the network requiring no additional wiring back to the DVR.

Each camera including any connected IP cameras can be linked to an alarm input such as a PIR, break beam, door contact or panic button to activate recording from that camera. An intelligent buffer system retains recorded footage from prior to the event occurring as well as for the pre-defined alarm time.

Recordings can also be triggered for video loss and tampering so if a camera is damaged, this will be seen as an alarm and footage will be retained from prior to the damage.

This feature is further enhanced by the ability to activate relays to control sounders, strobes, lights, voice warnings to deter suspected intruders.