Real-Time D1 Recording On Every Channel

Unlike many “branded” DVRs that are little better than a Time-lapse fitted with a hard drive, the dvr9K can record 25 FPS D1 on every channel so you don't miss a thing.

Other DVRs can only manage hi-res in time lapse modes, but the 9K does it Real-time on every channel in D1 resolution.

The ability to record real-time sound and vision continuously puts the dvr9K in a league of its own when combined with its other innovative features.

It could be used to record sound and vision over tills, in shops, interview rooms, receptions, hospitals, schools or any location where the combination of real-time video and audio recording helps provide who said and did what.

You can even get real-time sound and vision over the internet if the broadband connection is fast enough for a total solution.

Allows business owner and managers to be “at” their shops in real-time wherever they are in the world.