Unsurpassed Hard Drive Management

hdd management examplesWith up to 16 TERABYTES of internal hard drive storage possible and the very latest H264 Compression technology, the dvr9K provides the perfect CCTV data storage solution for many businesses.

The dvr9k has unsurpassed HDD management allowing critical cameras to be allocated certain drives for recording. For example, a key camera overlooking a till can be allocated 1 drive for its recording whilst remaining cameras can be left with the remaining drives to share. The benefit would be that the till camera has an extended recording period before it will overwrite

This feature is further enhanced with the “Duplicate” drive recording facility, where the DVR can be managed to make 2 drives record the same images, thus creating a back up within the DVR itself in case of a hard drive error.

Where file back ups are required for evidence purposes, quick copies can be made on to a USB stick or using the DVR's built in CD/DVD writer.

If an immediate copy of evidence cannot be made, the DVR has a “File Lock” facility to prevent a recorded file from being overwritten completely. This can be unlocked once it is certain that a copy has been made.